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Frequency response function of periodic-stiffness model of system

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    I'm analyzing a 3 dof undamped system with discrete springs and masses. Three of the springs have time-dependent stiffness, following periodic law (with period T), they are modulated at the same frequency but with a phase difference of 120 deg one from the other.
    So this is my system:

    (M * d^2x/dt^2) + K(t)*x = f(t)

    - M diagonal mass matrix (3x3), constant

    - x=[x1;x2;x3] displacements vector (3x1)

    - f(t)= f0*[sen(w*t);0;0] forcing vector (3x1) acting only on the first dof

    - K(t) symmetric stiffness matrix:

    > k11= ko + 2*kc/cos(30) + km*(cos(wm*t));
    > k22= ko + 2*kc/cos(30) + km*(cos(wm*t + 2*pi/3));
    > k33= ko + 2*kc/cos(30) + km*(cos(wm*t + 4*pi/3));

    > k(i,k)= -kc/cos(30) for i~=k

    wm = modulation frequency
    ko, kc = constants

    How can I calculate the frf for this system in order to obtain output amplitude at the second and third dof?
    Any help is very appreciated!!!
    Have a nice day.

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