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Frequency synthesizer

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    any one can tell me aname of a PLL IC so i can use as afrequency synthesizer?
    also please tell me how it works and the meaning of 2 input phase detector as there is an ic which has aspecification of 2 input phase detector
    thanks so much for your patiencs and help
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    sorry you misunderstood me
    i mean that there is aphase detector of 2 inputs beside the output of the VCO
    i know that apll compares acertain input frequency with the frequency of vco and the diffrence or error is amplified and filterd so as to be applied as an input to the vco
    so on;y one input exists with the output of vco
    but i saw ics which have 2 inputs beside the feed back signal and i dont know what is it ?
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    You mean something like this?
    [QUOTE]The MB15U10 has two PLL frequency synthesizer circuits on a single chip: one for transmission and the other for reception (PLL1 and PLL2).[/QUOTE]
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    I've never heard of a phase detector with 3 inputs if that is what you are wondering.
    Which IC is it that you noticed 2 inputs to the phase detector besides the VCO? I'd like a part# so I could look up a data sheet.
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