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Frequency to kill pathogens

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    can anyone help me to figure out how to make a system similar to Rife's unit? i would like to try 'kill' bacteria in water by running a frequency of some sort to potentially kill the bacteria and create potable water
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    In a lab setting, we use sonication to break cells or biofilms. However, not all cell are equally sensitive to sonication. For example, Gram-positive are more resistant due to their think wall.

    For assessing killing, one must measure colony forming units (CFU), which are measure of bacteria that are alive. To assess killing, you can look at a killing curve by measuring your CFU at t=0 and then at specific intervals. You can then measure the % killing or % survival.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Are you talking about Royal Rife? He was a nut. Built beautiful instruments, but a nut all the same.
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    yeah im talking about Royal Raymond Rife, thanks for the replies guys. Do you have any suggestions that involve everyday appliances etc, that could be used to construct a unit along similar principles? Unfortunatly im a tad restricted by resources
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    I think this vid will help you with a cheap solution to the water problem.
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