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I Frequency with which GW change space around it

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    What properties have to do with the frequency at which the lengths change of the arm?
    Also does anybody have a body paper or webpage which explains the properties at a detailed level?
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    Jonathan Scott

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    A gravitational wave is typically produced when sources change from being longer in one direction to being longer in the perpendicular direction. If the sources are two bodies orbiting one another, the frequency is twice the orbit frequency (as the system reaches maximum elongation in a given direction twice per orbit).

    Gravitational waves involve complex mathematics, usually based on a linear approximation to General Relativity. For an introduction, see this Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_wave
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    There are plenty of papers on this subject, but they won't be at a "B" level (high school level), which is how you labeled this thread. If you want answers at a more technical level, let me know and I can adjust the thread level accordingly.
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    Yeah could you please move the thread up a level? Thx
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    I have changed the thread level to "I".
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    A good introduction to the theory of gravitational waves is in Chapter 6 of Sean Carroll's online lecture notes on GR:


    This is a good text in general for learning GR as well.
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