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Fresh Air Globe

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    I stumbled on this nifty instrument and wondered what was the technology behind this invention?

    I could only think of air that mixes with water and therefore will absorb micropolluents.
    Is there any other technology that I'm not aware of?

    If not, then why not just use a ventilator and spray the air through a bowl of water, that would be even more effective. => More turbulence. I would look at it as a water scrubber.

    Actually, you can just buy some fishes and use a water filter, same technology...
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    It works on the 'people will buy any stupid junk' technology.
    Like ionisers and electric water softeners it's not entirely fake but there is a big diference between an industrial water spray dust trap and a bit of water splashing aound in a ball.
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    I needed a good laugh this morning!
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    These water softeners, we installed one recently. They just put some kind of magnet around the pipe and that was it. Does it work like this?

    Iron particles in the Calcium granulates will be attracted so these calcium granulates will break up and therefore, when cooking water they won't form big CaCO3 particles?
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    This is some truly amazing marketing! I thought it was brilliant when bottlers got people to pay $1.00 for a bottle of water, but now these guys are selling a bowl of water for $40.00, and YOU SUPPLY THE WATER!! Dang, I love capitalism!
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    They work in theory - with a strong enough field they temporarily disturb the formation of new deposits ( although they don't remove existing scale )
    They are used industrially (with much stronger fields) just before a filter or some process that needs scale free water.

    I don't think the little home ones powered by a 'D' cell do any good.
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    but....but...they have an LED color changing base. That must mean something. Plus they also have a eucalyptus/incense available.

    I think you can get Glade Plug-ins for $1.99. Same thing.
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    I could also flush the toilet which would give me the same gurgling water effect - although possibly without the fragrance effects.
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    They said there was this Hydro Ionisation technology. What is that? Nothing showed up on google.
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    It doesn't show up on Google because it doesn't exist.
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