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Fresh Water

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    Yeah we’re running out of gasoline and diesel and, yeah, we’re converting more and more of our food into fuel, but the real problem is shortage of water. Turning corn into gasohol will raise corn prices which will make more farmers plant corn. There are lots of farmers and lots of land. But, planting more corn diverts irrigations water that once grew food to growing gasohol. We need more fresh water. Some places need it to drink. But, if we are to grow gasohol, we’ll need a whole lot more than that.

    We need nuclear power plants which dedicate their power to desalination plants. Imagine 20 nuclear-desalination installations on the east coast of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) in Mexico. Each nuclear-desalination plant could produce about as much fresh water as the Grand Coulee Dam irrigation district which irrigates about ¼ of the state of Washington. Twenty nuclear-desalination plants on the Sea of Cortez could convert the Sonora Desert into lush farm land – where they'd grow sugar cane, corn, jerusalem artichokes, or what ever for gasohol. (Besides, the spin-off for trees, lawns, consumer lighting, etc. would be insignificant.)

    It would be green. For every gigawat-hour nuclear produced, we’d be able to capture a lot more energy from the sun raising crops in what used to be desert.
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