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Freshman Phys Again

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    I have Giancoli and I've just ordered Reese. For the balance between rigor and clarity what would serve me best? I'm looking for something that isn't afraid to get very mathematical, I want to see vector calculus or whatever is necessary to explain the principles as rigorously as possible. At the same time, I don't want to completely abandon clarity and modern comforts such as worked out examples and pretty pictures.

    Am I dreaming here? I'm wanting something whose first volume is as close to an upper undergraduate classical mech class as is possible without quite being there. Anyone?
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    I suggest you check out of your college library an older copy of Marion's Classical Dynamics. It's a sophomore/junior level book that will supply math and rigor, yet it reads well. I like the 2nd edition; people seem to dislike the later editions (it's up to 5th now).
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    Thanks folks
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