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Freshman Research

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    Do many students do research the summer after their freshman year (say in math or physics)? Is it possible, provided that you have the necessary courses? What courses should have one taken in order to do research in applied math? Also, how do you "look" for research opportunities? Are there any specific programs besides REU's over the summer that allow any student (freshman-seniors) to do research?

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    Very few, if any, undergraduate freshman are prepared to contribute to research projects in any meaningful way. You should probably pursue internships instead.

    - Warren
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    You may not be able to work on your own research, but a prof may hire you as a helper. Even if you're just doing grunt work you're still getting exposure to the day to day operations of a research lab.
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    but dont some REU's allow freshman?
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    If you want my advise, as a freshman and sophomore, I'd say that concentrate 100% of your effort in getting the best grades in all your classes as you can. These are some of the easiest classes you'll ever encounter and what you want to do is establish as many A's as you can get before diving into the more difficult half of your undergraduate program. You'll have plenty of time and opportunities to do these extra research work as a junior and senior.

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    If you feel up to it, you can also try to take summer classes to finish off some coursework that might otherwise slow you do down later. I was fortunate to be able to take Vector Calculus and Diff Eqs just after my freshman year (which were non-major classes for me at the time). This eventually freed up my senior-year schedule to take some graduate courses. You may also have a better chance getting into summer REU programs in subsequent summers.

    http://www.ams.org/employment/reu.html has a list of 2006 programs. It might be good to look over the various programs and see what they are about and who they want.... then prepare for the 2007 list.
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    Is it even possible to do research without being tortured by Real Analysis, and PDE?
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