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Medical Freud says the Ego forms how?

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    Greetings, I was wondering what Freud said about the formation of the ego. Like the time of childhood it develops and causes for its formation, thanks.
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    The Ego

    The ego begins to develop after birth as infants interact with the world.
    It develops out of the id;spcialized to help id interact with the world.
    Ego locates real-world objects that id fanatsizes about, and uses libido id has attached to internal images to power pleasurable interactins with the real world.
    Understands external world:
    1) Cause and effect and consequences of its actions
    2.) Time: can see relationship between past, present, and future behaviour and their likely outcomes
    3) Can postone gratification to plan for greater, future gratification

    The reality Principle
    ego tries to ensure that gratification will not lead to punishment or other painful consequences. This has nothing to do with morality. Part of egi in the conscious mind, larger part of the unconscious.
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    Interesting, ty.
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