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Freudian Explanations of Swearing

  1. Jun 25, 2003 #1
    Here is the swearing order for different countries, organized from most offensive insult to least offensive.

    USA: fvck association (e.g. fvcker, cvnt, d:ck), sh:t association

    UK: blood association, fvck association, sh:t association

    the Netherlands: disease association (e.g. go get cancer, you are a sufferer of typhus), sh:t association, fvck association

    Germany: sh:t association, fvck association

    Finland: cvnt association (e.g. horse's cvnt (means bull sh:t), go pull a cvnt over your head (means fvck off), go smell cvnt (means fvck you)), ol'factory association (e.g. go smell cvnt, go smell sh:t)

    According to Freud, I think we could savely say that the Germans must have an anal fixation... how weird!

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    im not too sure what your talking about at all
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    I'm saying that different cultures swear differently. For instance, in America, when a person is really angry he will call someone a fvcker. If he/she is less angry, he/she might use the term sh:thead instead. In America, the word fvck is more offensive than the word sh:t. In Germany, the words sh:t and @ss are considered more offensive than the word fvck. In England, the most offensive names to use involve the word blood. In the Netherlands, the most offensive names involve a disease like cancer or typhus. In Finland, most insults somehow involve the word cvnt.

    So, my point is that Freud would probably say these trends reflect something about the psychology of the group. Perhaps, he would say that Germans have an anal fixation, or the Finns have issues with the female anatomy, or the English are a bunch of repressed psycho-killers. Who knows? I'm just pointing out the facts.

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    i find it interesting, but you might want to check your sources. i mean, how can "blood" assosiation by the worst in england? in the harry potter movies the friends always say "BLOODY HELL!".
  6. Jun 26, 2003 #5
    Blood association isn't the strongest form of swearing in the UK. A lot of people say "bloody" and hardly anyone takes offence. We also use sodomy swear words such as "bugger" and "sod" (as in "sodomite"). These are kind of on the same level as blood association. From my experience of life here, it would be sexual swear words, followed by faecal swear words, and then blood/sodomy.
  7. Jun 26, 2003 #6
    Okay, perhaps I was wrong concerning the English swear words.

    Anyone from Germany, the Netherlands, or Finland want to dispute my claims about the swearing habits in your country?

  8. Jun 26, 2003 #7
    I like the Finnish ones. Very tasteful.
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