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Frickin' Geniuses

  1. May 25, 2003 #1
    I find it disturbing that I can go to some of the finest educational instituions in the world and find the following manifesto on the restroom hand dryers.

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    I don't even understand what those phrases mean. These were things people wrote on the hand dryer? I don't get it!
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    When stupid people go to college, they need to use the restrooms too...

    And sometimes, class requirements force them to do so in the libraries.

    LA, that marvelous piece of prose is the modified instructions for hand-driers.

    It originally says:

    Push button.
    Rub hands under warm air.
    Stops automatically.

    Those who change them really must think they are clever, or something... I don't get it.
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    Oh ok, see now I get it. I didn't understand at all.

    lol, i think...?
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    Actually, I thought that they were pretty funny. Although I don't know what "Wipe hands on pants" originally said. Actually, I do dry my hands that way. No need to waste paper or electricity.
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