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Friction and mass of object

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    Hi guys. I was just wondering if someone could enlighten me on the relationship between friction and mass of object.

    For instance, if i have an object of mass 100g going down a slope… what happens if i increase the mass of object to 200g? will the angle of the slope increase or decrease for the object to move down it?

    Im assuming as mass of object increases, angle of slope decreases. Can somebody correct me if I'm wrong?
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    hi daisy

    why would you think the angle of the slope would change ?
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    Well I'm doing an experiment at home. So the point of this experiment is to use different masses of objects and record the angle of the slope at which the object first starts to slide down. So I've been increasing my object mass but my angles are decreasing.
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    for ease
    work out a change in mass on a fixed angle slope. and once familiar with what is happening there
    THEN start changing the slope angle to see what the effect is :smile:

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    If you look at this wiki article, you will see the information you need. The Coefficient of friction is constant over a very wide range of loads. That means that, if you double the mass (weight force), the friction force doubles, too, so the limiting slope will be the same.
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    If you are doing an experiment, you should write down the results you actually get, not the results you think you should get.
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