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Friction and Mu

  1. May 20, 2014 #1
    Is it possible to have friction between clothing and a giant rock equal to 833 N? The μ would equal 4.58. Isn't it too big?
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    Why would the coefficient of friction need to be 4.58? Wouldn't it depend on how hard they're pressed together?
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    Well this is for a physics project and a lot of it depends on guessing. We found friction to be 833 N, mass to be 85 kg, acceleration to be -2.14 m/s^2 because the cartoon characters are decelerating as they hit the wall. Will all of this μ(ma)= Friction, we found μ to be 4.58. We are just wondering if 4.58 would be too big for μ.
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    Oh, ok.

    4.58 would be large but there's nothing in the laws of physics (as far as I know) that limits the coefficient of friction. I know at least that it can be greater than 1, so 4.58 isn't completely crazy.

    Between clothing and a rock though, it would certainly be abnormal (but perhaps not impossible)
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    Everyone one knows that 'cartoon characters' always present physics in a true and accurate manner.
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