Friction cars racing

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Two cars are going to begin at rest and race 200 meters to a stoplight. One driver sneaks over and puts oil on the other car's tires, which reduces it coefficient of friction to .07. Assuming the first car does not slip then by how much distance will it win?

2. Relevant equations
Ff = μ(Fn)
a = μ(9.8)
Vf^2 = Vi^2 + 2a * x
Static coefficient of friction of rubber on concrete = 1.0
Kinetic coeff. of friction of rubber on concrete = 0.8

3. The attempt at a solution
1st car:
Vf^2 = 2(.8*9.8)200
vf = 39.6 m/s

2nd car:
a = .07(9.8)
a = .686 m/s^2

vf^2 = 2(.686)
vf = 1.2 m/s

Not sure what to do now.


Homework Helper
All things being equal for the first car then I'd say it's acceleration would be .07 of the second.

So for the unslicked car 200 = 1/2a*T2

The slicked car would only have gone only .07 (200) = 14 m in the same time.

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