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Homework Help: Friction force physics problem

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    a stockroom worker pushes a box with mass 11.2kg on a horizontal surface with a constant speed of 3.50m\s^2 The coeficient of friction is (for surface of the ground and box) .20 A...what horizontal force must the worker apply to maintian the motion.. i got [tex]F_x=21.9N[/tex] which is correct and then it asks me "it the force calculated in part a) is removed, how far does the box slide before coming to rest?" Where do i start..all I have is velocity?
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    Once the applied force is removed,
    what is the net force?
    isn't net force = ma?
    does that mean we have deceleration?
    oh do we know initial velocity?
    and what abt final velocity?
    can i get the time?
    hmm but s = ut + 1/2at^2 ?
    ah yes!

    -- AI
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