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Friction free

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    If there are 3 blocks weighing 20 kgs each and placed next to each other on a frictionless floor, and I exert 10 N, all 3 blocks will still move right? Do all the boxes recieve a 10N push since there is no friction to reduce the force as it transfers? But do I only get pushed back 10N due to reaction force? Finally do the same concepts apply if the masses are 1million kgs? Thanks!
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    yes, all three blocks will move. All three blocks will also recieve a 10 N force. You will also recieve a 10 N reaction force. Yes, the same concepts apply to 1 million kg masses...the boxes will just have lower acceleration.
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    Alright, thanks. Quick response, I have my test tomorrow too. I got the concepts now. Good luck to me.
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