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Friction of suitcase on a conveyor belt

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    A baggage handler drops your 10 kg suitcase onto a conveyor belt running at 2.0 m/s the materials are such that myoo (i think thats what its called, the coeffectient of friction) kinetic - .3 static - .5. How far is your suitcase dragged before it is ridding smoothly on the belt?

    The only thing i need to know is if there is an equation for this i don't know of any that are relivent to this. Thanks you guys are great!
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    Tom Mattson

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    It's pronounced that way, but it's spelled "mu".

    It's not just an equation, you have to analyze the problem. This problem is a bit more involved than the standard Physics I problem because you have to use both kinematics and dynamics. You'll need to start by drawing the free body diagram for the suitcase and summing the forces.
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