Friction on Inclined Plane

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Homework Statement

On Mountain roads, ramps of gravel are constructed to allow trucks that have lost their brakes to come to a stop. Suppose a 15,000kg truck hits one of these ramps at 35m/s. The incline of the ramp is 6 degrees and the coeffiecent of friction is 0.40.
By using work and energy it is asked to find the distance the truck travels along a ramp.

Homework Equations

K= 1/2 m*v2

The Attempt at a Solution

I calculated K to be -9187500 and U to be 147150*h
W= ΔK + ΔU
Then tired to use W=F*d cos6
But got stuck with that height.
I can't use trig fuctions to find my h because the distance is what I am trying to find...
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You can use trigonometry to solve for the distance. Recall that [itex] d^{2} = x^{2} + h^{2} [/itex] and that [itex] x = d cos \theta[/itex] [itex]h = d sin \theta [/itex] . Once you find either x or h you can solve for d.

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