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Friction proportional to v^2

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    Hi, I'm stuck on this problem.
    This was fine, it's the next bit I don't get.
    From (1) I'm thinking I'll integrate up to get v, then again to get z, as v=dz/dt. The other alternative would be to treat is as a second order DE for z, but I tried that and didn't get anywhere. I also tried an integrating factor, but that didn't work either. I've currently got:


    But I can't integrate it! I tried the sub



    [tex]\Rightarrow -\int{\frac{d\theta}{g\cos^2{\theta}+k\sin^2{\theta}}[/tex]

    Now what? Maybe use:



    ? It doesn't seem to be helping!

    I just noticed:


    So I think I must want v=tan(f(t)), or something. But I just don't see how I can get it. Maybe I have the wrong sub as I want sec^2 to integrate to tan.

    Thanks in advance! (Let's hope this tex works...)
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    Try the substitution:
    [tex]v=\sqrt\frac{g}{k}\cdot tan \theta[/tex]
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    Awesome, thanks very much! I'll hopefully be able to do the rest now.
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