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Frictional force.

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    Look at line a,assume it is not sliding down.Line b is sliding down,which means the frictional force of floor is smaller than F.
    Line is of mass 1kg.Length is 2m, so C.M is in 1m
    How do you find the force F interms of L,Lh, Lv,m each case?
    L is the length of line. Lh is the horizontal distance. Lv is Vertical distance.
    This is not a Home work Question or Homework type question .
    I am just curious.

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    You also need to consider the force on the wall.

    If the ladder isn't moving (yet) then three things sum to zero..

    The horizontal components of the forces
    The vertical components of the forces
    The torques.

    By writing and solving these equations you can solve for the force F or work out the coefficient of friction required to stop the ladder slipping etc
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    Great Idea.Thanks.
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