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Homework Help: Frictionless hill physics

  1. Oct 20, 2004 #1
    I tried working this problem- but it doesn't come out right.. any help? My answers are in blue. :cry:

    A child holds a sled on a frictionless, snowcovered hill, inclinded at an angle of 27 degrees.

    1) If the sled weights 60 N, find the force exerted on the rope by the child. Answer in units of N.

    90 degrees - 27 degrees = 63 degrees
    cos 63 = 60/x
    x cos 63 = 60
    x = 60/cos 63
    x = 132.2 N

    2) What force is exerted on the sled by the hill? Answer in units of N.

    132.2 N tan 27 = 67.35
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    Consider all the forces acting on the sled (draw a free-body diagram). The vertical gravitational force is not the only one...
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