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Friday Funny

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    This was inspired by a response by tumblingdice in this thread

    I had to google double entendre as I didn't know the meaning
    one of the google links had this, which gave me a good laugh

    double entendre
    lit. from the French meaning 'double meaning.' a phrase or saying that has another connotation apart from the literal, almost always sexual in nature. A staple of the British 'carry on' series of films of thr 1960s and 70s, and the most excellent 'Bottom' TV show of the early 90s on the BBC
    Eddie: Hang on, hang on hang on hang on. I've got your real present here.
    Richie: It's a piece of paper. It is a small piece of paper.
    Eddie: Read it.
    Richie: "Madame Swish, three-thirty." Oh! Eddie! You haven't? Oh, what a pal you are. "Madame Swish". Ooh-err! Hohh, God, at last I'm really going to do it. And on my birthday as well! Ohhhggh, I wonder what she's like?
    Eddie: She's a dead cert mate, a real stayer.
    Eddie:Yeah, she'll come first.
    Richie: What, before me? Good grief, that's quick. So she'll think I'm
    great! Oh, what a pal you are! And it's all paid for?
    Eddie: Um, not exactly, I need a tenner.
    Richie: A tenner. Right. That's quite cheap, isn't it?
    Eddie: Er, well, no, in that case it's a tenner each way.
    Richie: Well, how many ways are there?
    Eddie: Well, you'll come first, second or third, won't you?
    Richie: Well how many people are going to be there?
    Eddie: Well, a few thousand.
    Richie: What?
    Eddie: Well it's Kempton.
    Richie:Kempton? I can't get down to Kempton by three-thirty!
    Eddie: You don't have to mate, it'll be on the telly!
    Richie: They're going to televise it? Well what if my auntie's watching?
    Eddie: Well what's illegal about betting on a horse?
    Richie: A horse?
    Eddie: Yeah.
    Richie: Madame Swish is, is, is a horse?
    Eddie: Yeah! Well what did you think it was?
    Richie: Oh no, nothing, nothing. Just checking.
    Eddie:I have given you a red hot tip.
    Richie: (looks at his crotch) I know, and there's nothing I can do about it now, is there!

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    If it weren't for Google, I probably wouldn't be able to "understand" half of PF's post.
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    Hey Don

    haha you and me both

    an hour to go and I can sod off home from work and put my feet up for a couple of days :) yipee

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