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Homework Help: Fridge Question

  1. Nov 27, 2006 #1
    This is an experiment I have to do...

    Using a timer (or watch) and a thermometer, conduct the following experiment to determine the rate of heat gain of your refrigerator. First make sure that the door of the refrigerator is not opened for at least a few hours so that steady operating conditions are established. Start the timer when the refrigerator stops running and measure the time Dt1 it stays off before it kicks in. Then measure the time Dt2 it stays on. Noting that the heat removed during Dt2 is equal to the heat gain of the refrigerator during Dt1 + Dt2 and using the power consumed by the refrigerator when it is running, determine the average rate of heat gain for your refrigerator, in W. Take the COP (coefficient of performance) of your refrigerator to be 1.3 if it is not available.

    I'm not sure where to start besides getting the Wattage of the fridge (Work to remove heat) and measuring the time it takes for the motor to come on and to remove heat. Can anyone help me on this?
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