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Friendliest Chemistry Textbook

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    I am about to take a teacher certification test for HS Chemistry. I would love to get suggestions from you on the friendliest textbook available out there for self studying, since I will study entirely on my own. The scope would be about two-semester introductory college level, I would also appreciate any suggestion on any other resources in the internet. Thank you for your time and help.
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    "Chemistry: The Central Science" by Brown, at all. and "Chemistry" by Chang are really good general chemistry textbooks. They have really good explanations and the problems are not quite rigorous. If you want really rigorous, in-depth general chemistry textbook, I strongly recommend "Principles of Modern Chemistry" by Oxtoby, at all.
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    picked up chem by chang for a penny on amazon, but I have an easier book called fundamentals of general, organic and biological chemistry by holum, got that for a penny also, got paulings book but it isn't that good on explanations.
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    Linus Pauling's general chemistry textbook is quite advanced for the introductory level. It is best to read that book after completion of the general chemistry and good knowledge in the mathematics/.
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