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Friends outside major?

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    I'm just curious, for those of you undergrads/grad students and those of you who graduated, how many of your friends are/were within your same/related major? (like if you are/were a physics major, how many of your friends were non-physics/math/engineering majors?)
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    I had freinds from every sphere at uni -- my gf at the time was doing sociology, mind.
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    I have many friends within my major (Physics), but this is not necessarily all of them. I have a few acquaintances in other majors, and my best friend is a biology major. I do seem to spend most of my time around other science majors, but this is just my own experience.
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    I tended to make friends with people who had similar interests in music, sports and extracurricular activities, and who had similar philosophical perspectives.

    When I was a physics major, my best friend was a quadruple major in Psychology, History, French and Economics. We had some wild times together, and we still keep in touch after 30+ years. And I keep in touch with my best friend from high school after 35+ years, and another friend I've known since 6th grade nearly 40 years ago.

    I didn't really have close friends from the same department when I studied physics. On the other hand, when I changed majors to nuclear engineering, most of my friends were in that department.
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