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Frog leap game

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    Instructions: Move the green frogs from the left to the right. Move the brown frogs from the right to the left.

    I once made it, but I forgot how to do it now :redface:
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    Using G for green frog move and B for brown frog move

    I just noticed now that frogs can jump over frogs of the same color. When there is the option for them to do that, they don't.
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    Here's how I did it. Each lily pad has a number 1 to 7. So click the following frogs:

    The main key in a puzzle like this is to get them to alternate colors. If you get two of the same color together you are stuck.
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    That's the answer I gave.
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    it must be a bad site, my filter will not let me acces it
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    this problem would have been harder if there it took longer to get *stuck*, i mean after trying like 3 random moves your stuck. thats just my take on it. btw how do you find these? just out of curiosity
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