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From Cleaner to Concert Pianist

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    This is amazing!

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    Nice! Their comparisons to "Good Will Hunting" are a bit screwy, though - the fellow has been playing piano since age 4, studied at a major music conservatory, and had been playing for audiences for a years. Being a janitor was an avocation that earned him some money and left him time to continue to practice. Getting good as a musician and continuing to improve requires hard work and dedication.

    You'd be surprised to find out how many people you meet are musically talented. There was a local fellow that rebuilt hydraulic rams for heavy equipment and was a very talented C&W musician with his own weekly TV show. I was invited to a jam at another guitarist's house in college, and the steel guitarist from that C&W band showed up. Killer! I never asked him what he did for a living - maybe a truck driver. I know another guy that locates underground pipes and wires for a living who is a really talented jazz guitarist. When I hosted open-mike blues jams, he was too shy to get up on the stage and play in front of people.
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    I have an undergraduate degree in music and can't find a decent job anywhere. :rolleyes: But we generally know what we are going into from the beginning. Nice story and hats off to the pianist!
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    I want to hear what he played on that camera.
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