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Homework Help: From limit to an infinate series.

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    I am looking for a method to express limit n goes to infinity for the quantity (1+1/n)^n .....I know and recognisee this as "e" , but i need to transform it into a series to prove it. I plan to compare the transformed limit expression to "sum from n=0 to n=infinity for 1/n! how can I re express this?

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    Tom Mattson

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    Do you know how to find a power series for a function?
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    not in full, but f(0)*(X-x0)+f(1)*(x-x0)/1!+f(2)*(x-x0)/2!.........? yes?
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    The 1-dimensional Taylor series of a function centered at a point x0 in the domain is f(0)(x0)*(x-x0)/0! + f(1)(x0)*(x-x0)/1! + f(2)(x0)*(x-x0)/2! + ...
    where f(i)(x0) is the ith derivative of f at x0. See Taylor series for more detailed analysis.
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