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'From Lucy to Language' (1996)

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    ...by Donald Johanson & Blake Edgar

    In 1974, Donald Johanson helped to discover the famous fossil specimen of Australopithecus afarensis nicknamed “Lucy”. This book is simply an invaluable source of information about hominid evolution.

    Part 1 of the book walks you through the modern theory of human evolution, carefully presenting the lines of evidence. The descriptions of the numbers and types of specimens available for each hominid species, the methodology of paleoanthropology, the technical methods of radiodating, etc. is unlike that found in any other popular science writings on human evolution that I have seen. I found myself taking several pages of notes from this book

    Part 2 of the book is a tour of the most significant fossil specimens for each of the known hominid species with a full page description of the history, anatomy, and significance of each specimen and a full page photo of the fossil.

    The writing style is clear and accessible and yet it does not shy away from scientific descriptions of fossil specimens.

    The hardcover book comes in a large size (10” x 12”) thereby often allowing for full-size photos of fossil skulls and ancient hominid tools. The photographs are simply stunning, although it can occasionally be a bit creepy pouring over pages and pages of full-size skulls. :surprised :smile:
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