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From nC to mJ?

  1. Mar 28, 2007 #1

    Can anybody tell me if there is a way to convert charge (in Coloumb) into energy (Joule). I know It's not just a quick and easy formula, but I would be most glad if anybody is able to help me..

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    This conversion isn't possible without knowing that PROCESS this is relevant to. For example, one can do such a conversion for the amount of charge emitted per second from a photocathode that is detected by an anode via the measured photocurrent.

    But without more description from you, this is impossible to do.

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    I'm doing an experiment with static electricity; measuring the discharge (in nC) from a charged material by an electrode conected to a capacitor and a oscilloscope. And I want to know how big the energy is(so I can know weather the spark has enough energy to be an ignition source). Unfortunately I don't know the time for the discharge or the charging of the capacitor...
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    If you know the capacitance, there is an equation relating the energy stored (in Joules) to the capacitance and the voltage. Do you know this equation?
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    The capasitor is 100 microFarat. What equation?
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    This page discusses capacitors in general, and will help you figure out the equation for the stored energy:

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