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From Physics to Aero

  1. Jul 27, 2011 #1
    I've just finished the first year of my physics degree at Imperial College London and I'm having doubts about carrying on with physics. From what I have read on here, it seems pretty difficult to go from physics to engineering and I am seriously considering aeronautical engineering as a career choice.

    Being an aeronautical engineer has always appealed to me but I chose physics instead because that's what I enjoyed the most and I was always told that you are very employable if you go into physics. But, I don't want to go into finance nor do I want to teach, and these are where most of the graduates go, no?

    Would it be possible to break into Aero from physics by doing a masters in Aero? Like in Fluids or something?

    Roughly speaking, how much of a big advantage does someone with an aero degree have over me if I do a masters in aero?
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