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From quantum theory to stochatic equations

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    cna we consider quantum physics as stochastic maths..being the x and p operator treated as if they satisfied stochastic equations..and treatign the Dx and Dp as "noise"..in fact could be the uncertaninty in quantum physics be treated as if it was chaos?-..
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    Is this real ? (the connection between quantum physics and stochastic maths)
    Has someone written any books about it ?
    Because I think stochastic maths combined with cellular automata is the future...in physics...they can explain a lot of things...
    For example...transfer processes (water in foam...diffusion...) are explained very well using polistochastic processes...and this looks like wave propagation...
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    the technical naming for it runs under the line of "analytic continuation of the Shroedinger equation". It amounts to change t--> i t. Under this change, Feynman path integral becomes Stocastic path integral, and Schroedinger Equation becomes Einstein equation (heat diffusion, brownian movement and all that). Also it has been discovered independently by economists, in the field of stock options.

    But as you can imagine, the change is not trivial from a mathematical point of view.
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