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Studying From Sakurai to QFT

  1. Mar 20, 2016 #1
    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I am a third year undergraduate student. I have just finished studying (on my own) Sakurai' s "Modern Quantum Mechanics" (and I have done almost all exercises). I have taken courses in Complex Analysis (contour integration, residues etc) and in PDE (unfortunately this course did not cover Green Functions). I want to proceed to QFT. I took also a course on Special Relativity, at the level of Rindler. I am currently studying (on my own again) GR from Weinberg.

    I tried to tackle Relativistic QM from Bjorken & Drell. However, I could not understand how the covariance of the Dirac equation was proven. I know nothing about group theory and I suppose I need to learn some before going into QFT. I plan on studying from Wu-Ki Tung and Georgi. I saw also a nice chapter about the representation of the Lorentz and Poincaré group in Greiner (Relativistic Quantum Mechanics).

    Now my question: Is it really necessary to master all these topics, i.e. RQM and group theory before starting QFT? Should I go through all of Georgi for example? Do you have any other good book (and preferably not too long) to suggest me?

    I would appreciate some help!
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    Most QFT books start with relativistic QM in the beginning. I would look at Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model and the more standard Peskin and Schroeder. All the things you are mentioning about representations of the Lorentz group are explained nicely in the first one. I haven't looked at Bjorken and Drell but it is a bit dated. In fact on the back cover of P&S you can find a very funny editor review by one of the two.
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