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From the sublime to the pirate

  1. Jan 28, 2007 #1
    From the sublime to the pirate :)

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules here by proselytising but come on we got italian food.:biggrin:

    Ok FSM is the one true way of belief, and I have recently converted, anyone else in :smile:


    Anyone know who produced that graph.

    I'll let you in a little secret.

    It's FSM, my religion of choice as an agnostic and evolutionist.

    We got pirates and pizza, cmon over to the dark side, you know you want to:)




    Sorry it's so long, really needed a sort of spoiler tag, but I don't think PF does it.

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    Am i supposed to read all of this ?

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    No not unless you want to it is hilarious. But it's entirely your choice :smile:

    Point taken though.

    Absurd humour is distinctly British I'm sure no one will get it, it's the best ironic document I've seen in years. But it's probably lost on the US. And no your not from the US Marlon but it is distinctly British humour in the way it is presented. Some people don't get The Onion, I think it's satire at it's finest.
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    Re: Parmesan or Ramen?

    OK for those who aren't getting the joke or haven't seen it before it's obviously a parody of intelligent designers arguments. In the same way the Invisible Pink Unicorn is a parody of theism. It had me and a friend in stitches, but it's very Monty Pythonesque in it's style of humour :smile:

    "It is easier for lasagna to pass through the holes of a colander than it is for a rich person to enter Paradise." - Ishmali Canuwundra.

    For those who want to know how to make the sign of FSM to let others know your part of the fastest growing most delicious religion.


    STEP 1: Bow the head

    STEP 2: Close the eyes

    STEP 3: Place the palms of the hands firmly over the ears.

    STEP 4: Sing "Lalalalalalalala!" in loud monotone until hoarse.

    Some physics:-


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    ...but where are the ninjas?
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    Was not Mohammed greeted by Ninjas in the dessert when he mislaid his piza?

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    Praise the lord!
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    Indeed brother, I do so every day, when I am eating the sacrement I like to think I'm absorbing a little peace of heaven.

    Go with Noodle, Ramen(in faith and trust)

    My favourite bit is the explanation of how Evolution works:smile:

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