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Frontier Orbital Theory

  1. Apr 24, 2007 #1


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    While studying the structure of 1,3 butadiene and considering frontier orbital theory, I came across a graph of the HOMO to LUMO orbitals.


    Basically put, when I draw out all the res structures for 1,3 butadiene, i can make 4 of them (i know that 2 of them are very unstable and 1 of them is very very very unstable).

    Is there a similarity here or is it just dumb luck that there are 4 of each (4 res structures and 4 alignments in the homo/lumo chart.)

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    Also here are some more charts to look at.



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    and the last one (limit of 3 pics per post)

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    u must have 4 of theme, butadiene formation required interaction of 4 atomic orbitals so sure u must have 4 molecular orbitals that u draw !!!!!
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