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JavaScript Frontpage JavaScript

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    I'm looking at this site that I may need to modify. It was built in Frontpage.

    I'm not familiar with FP. There's a block of code the top like this:

    <SCRIPT type="text/javascript"><!--
    etc etc etc

    What is this block for/doing?
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    http://scriptasylum.com/tutorials/encdec/encode-decode.html" [Broken]

    This page will explain what is being done, although i'm not quite sure exactly what its "escaping" for your particular site. I'm sure you could find out though.

    It turns out to be something like...

    <SCRIPT type="text/javascript"><!--
    if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera")!=. Î dow.onmousedown=nrc;function one(){return true}onerror=one;//--></SCRIPT>
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    OK, thanks.

    So that code does a couple of things:
    1] it's a browser sniffer
    2] it defeats right-clicking

    Not really sure why these are hidden, but I think it's a built-in FP feature.
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    You use escape to URL-Encode a string and unescape for the reverse operation. It's the first time i've seen it used to "hide" code. It's an interesting strategy.
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