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Frostbitten lover deported to U.S. :-(

  1. Jun 29, 2005 #1
    Frostbitten lover deported to U.S. :frown:
    Last Updated Wed, 29 Jun 2005 08:04:48 EDT
    CBC News
    An American who lost several fingers and toes after sneaking across the border in the dead of winter to visit an internet flame has been deported to the U.S., having never met his Quebec sweetheart in person.

    An official with the Canada Border Services Agency confirmed Tuesday that Charles Gonsoulin was deported to the U.S. on June 16, the Canadian Press reported.

    The 41-year-old Los Angeles man had asked to be allowed to stay in Canada on humanitarian grounds so he could meet his internet companion. But the plea was rejected at an immigration hearing June 13.

    Gonsoulin had developed an online relationship with Quebec resident Jennifer Couture, but wasn't able to enter Canada legally to meet her because of a past robbery conviction.

    He decided to walk across the North Dakota-Manitoba border and make his way to Winnipeg, where he intended to board a bus to meet her.

    Gonsoulin was picked up on Feb. 23 on a golf course in southern Manitoba after spending about 100 hours in the cold. He was dehydrated, babbling and severely frostbitten....

    http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2005/06/29/frostbite050629.html [Broken]

    what the hell this guy just wanted to go see his girlfriend. if i were him i'd be choked. :frown:
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    Okay, a few weird things here. First, they said he had 8 fingers amputated, yet he still has all the fingers on his right hand in the photo they included. :uhh: Second, if she knew he was coming to visit and in the hospital, why didn't she go visit him there if she actually wanted to meet him? Third, if she knew he couldn't legally enter Canada to visit her, why didn't they arrange for her to visit him? Did she actually know he was on the way to visit? And did she really want to meet him?
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    Moonbear, all those questions are for logical people. If you are crossing the border to canada, on your legs you are not logical per se. This guy got his North and East compass totally screwed up
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    Better question, how did he get frostbite in lower quebec in the middle of june?

    Ahh it was in feburary. Nvm. Yeah, that guy's a dumbass.
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    Aww...Smurf, I understand when the dumb American's don't know Canadian geography, but surely you must know that Quebec isn't anywhere near Manitoba where he was crossing! :eek:

    I don't have any doubt about that guy's lack of sense, but I was more wondering if there was more to the story than we were told if he's claiming he had to sneak over the border to meet his internet girlfriend when it might have been much nicer for her to visit LA in February than for him to walk though N. Dakota into Manitoba! :rolleyes:
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    Maybe she was sadistic. One of my fav bartenders was seeing a guy once that was all hung up on this girl he met on the net. He had never met her and had tried three or four times to see her but she stood him up every time. He was even driving a good couple hours to see her. So one day she starts asking him about this bartender he's seeing, my friend, and he's wondering how she knows about it. Turns out she hired a detective to follow him and tell her what he was doing. She told him that he needed to stop seeing hmy friend and so he did. Apearantly he eventually met her after being stood up maybe five times and finds that she's not the girl in the picture she sent him. What a freakin dork. I wondered why my friend was wasting her time on him. I made fun of her over it constantly.
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    At least the most important appendage didn't get frostbitten and amputated.
  9. Jun 30, 2005 #8
    My guess is that he didn't tell her about the conviction and didn't want her to find out, but had already told her he would come see her in Feb, so when he wasn't smart enough to think of a suitable lie to explain why he couldn't come, he took to foot.
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