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Frustrated of maths olympiad

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    frustrated of maths olympiad!!!

    i am from malaysia, where there is lack of training for maths olympiad and the only one out there is far too expensive (arounds hundreds of ringgit) . To compensate this fact, i bought a locally written book about the basics of maths olympiad and it did not do any mercy to my maths interest either. for one year i have trying to learn some basic olympiad level mathematics without an success until i have reaches a breaking point. i excelled in high school maths but cant understand olympiad mathematics because of lack of idea on how to study it. i have since left high school now doing my A-level so i don't have much chance in getting any recognition in the olympiad but i still feel like want to learn some of it. This one fact really discourage me from taking maths as a degree in university cause i wonder whether it is possible to be an accomplished mathematician without being able to do any olympiad while in high school. i find that trying to get knowledge about my maths olympiad is a waste of time if you are not "born genius".
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    Re: frustrated of maths olympiad!!!

    Hi. I am also a Malaysian :-)

    Don't worry too much about mathematical olympiad. I have only participated once in the malaysian national math olympiad, which I wasn't been able to answer most of the questions back then. Now I have a B.Sc. as well as Masters degree in Mathematics from National University of Singapore. One usually needs special class or coaching to excel in math olympiad (such is the case in Singapore), so you should not feel inferior if you can't do the questions on your own. It is also perfectly ok to study and excel in math without background in math olympiad, not every mathematician I know excelled or even participated in math olympiad.

    That said, you should definitely keep up with studying extra mathematics from books and learn as much as you can. Keep in mind that being in your A-level now means that you should pay most attention to your A-level study, excel in them so that you can get admitted to a good university to pursue your interest in mathematics.

    Either reply here or send me a private message if you want. :-)
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    Re: frustrated of maths olympiad!!!

    try ArtofProblemSolving o_O
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    Re: frustrated of maths olympiad!!!

    A few nice books to help:
    1)challenge and thrill of pre college mathematics (nicely written)

    2)The USSR Olympiad Problem Book: Selected Problems and Theorems of Elementary Mathematics (tough sums!! but really good)

    3)Art of problem solving (as G037H3 suggested)

    4) some books by Titu Andreescu
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