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FSU or UF?

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    I will be a senior next year and have two schools in mind because of Florida's Bright Futures Scholarship and a College Prepaid plan, FSU and UF. I will most likely want to major in mathematics or physics and was wondering if anyone knew anything good or bad about the programs of either school.

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    UF is better than FSU in almost every single field (I don't say every because I haven't looked at every last field). Take that for what its worth.
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    I got accepted into both this year and plan on going to UF. It appears to have a far better program, and also isn't as liberal artsy as FSU. Also I think it would be a better environment that is more conducive to learning (i.e. rigerous program)... and also most of the partyers from my school seem to be going to FSU.

    And I'm a party pooper :yuck:.
  5. May 8, 2005 #4
    yeah, i go to UF, and i'd recommend it over FSU.

    all FSU has going for it is a library named after dirac.

    UF has a great program. the physics building is nice and big. there are physics booths in the lobby where you can play with stuff to a certain extent (my fave is the spectroscopy booth).

    there's an honors course sequence at UF, too, and that was a lot of fun. i'm only halfway through them, and it's been a lot of fun--really challenging. UF also makes it easy to do a double major with physics and math, although that may not interest you. the advisers are really nice, too. and all the teachers i've heard about are all approachable for office hours and stuff.
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