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FTL Gravity wave spatial transmission

  1. Feb 3, 2004 #1
    After playing around equations producing velocities greater than C in normal space due to space-time warping i had the theory that if a graviton travels at the speed of light and gravitons are the messenger particles of gravity (assuming that gravitons warp space-time by nature ) that depending on the density of the graviton wave the graviton may have the appearence of traveling through space at velocities greater than C by some space-time compression factor designated Psi(lower case).

    t'- nonmotion warped time progression
    T(tau)-proper warped time
    d-true distance
    v'- velocity in warped space <=C
    v - true (apparent) nonwarped velocity

    t' = (T*Ÿ)/((1-ß²)^(-1/2))

    v' = d/t'

    v = v'*Ÿ =(d*Ÿ)/t' = (d*((1-ß²)^(-1/2)))/T

    Therefore a graviton traveling at its top speed of _c in the space-time it warps (velocity limit in warped space-time is _c) can appear to be some factor times _c in normal space

    This theory could be used to develop a graviton wave communication device if graviton waves were synthetically produced, a veritable Sub-space Xmtr

    The world of Star Trek is our future, of this there is no doubt. Just look at cell phones and you'll see why
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