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FTL Question

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    If this equation is true:

    Then why is it when you plug in c^2 for both V1 and V2 you get the total velocity as 2m/s
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    You don't.. you get c.

    [tex]V = \frac{2 c}{1 + c^2/c^2} = \frac{2 c}{2} = c[/tex]

    - Warren
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    This will give a nonsensical result. You must plug in speed, not squared speed.
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    What I meant to say was (3*10^8)^2
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    It's still meaningless, besides wrong arithmetic:
    Putting your value into slots for V1 and V2 yields:

    To clarify, and make a more "accurate" argument:
    Let the "velocities" be some big, ugly number on the form: V=kc, k>>1
    Then you have by plugging in:
    In your case, k=c; hence the approximate value of 2.
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