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FTL transport?

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    i dont know where to put this so feel free to move it:

    I wolud like to discuss ways of Faster than light transport using singularity based forms. (not in reality, only good ways of doing it)

    thers always the basic one of:

    ship> }-----------worm hole----------{

    but what about constant travel using wormholes, i will desighn some drawings explaining what i mean.
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    I um errr uhhhh......yeah......whew...sighhhhh..
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    I invented the WHOES years ago (worm hole opening engined ship) now i have families to support in 2050, 2090, 3060,and 4000, it is not all fun you know.
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    I guess I should have put it somewhere more sensible then.
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    This really isn't going to go anywhere, as you already said, "not in reality". This post really isn't appropriate anywhere on this forum.
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