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Fuel cells

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    how do i make a fuel cell which utilises hydrogen and oxygen to make water and in the meantime give out loads of heat. is it possible?:
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    The entire purpose of fuel cells is to make electricity with minimal heat production to prevent energy wastage.
    That said, you can look into solid oxide fuel cells. They operate at temperatures from 800-1000K and thus can be used in cogeneration plants for high efficiency.
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    Think about it. The reaction you are referring to, that of oxygen and hydrogen making water and heat is combustion.

    Exactly what a hydrogen-fueled bunsen burner does. Water and heat.

    So you don't want a fuel cell. Just mix your gases and ignite. Just don't blow things up or burn down your house.
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    doesn't the bunsen burner utilise methane in producing the heat.
    or is it the good old hydrogen that has to be burnt
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    The bunsen can pretty much use any gaseous fuel, I suppose.

    Put in an atomizer and you might be able to use liquid fuel too. Although most liquid-fueled burners use a wick, I suppose.

    Why not make a "rechargable" cigarette lighter where you add water and plug it into the power outlet?
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    Also Molten Carbonate can do the work, can it?

    I think that SOFC could do a great work in trains for non yet electrified railways: even the heat can be used for the passenger cabins. And a train has a fixed schedule, so no problem about start-up time because in can be forecasted in advance.
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    Not in any lab I have ever been in. If the flame were burning H2 you'd never see it. Hydrogen storage is also expensive and risky. I'm sure the only thing you have seen a bunsen burner using is natural gas.
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