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Fuel performance coding

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    Hi all,

    I am a graduate student of Nuclear Engineering studying fuel and cladding performance during different conditions in the reactor. I have access to FRAPTRAN/FRAPCON codes from frapcon.labworks.org.

    Being a newbie, I am quite unfamiliar as to how it all works. So is it ok if I integrate the source files in Intel Visual Fortan of VS 2010 in Windows or will it be easier to do it in a Linux platform?

    Thank you.
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    There should be instructions for compiling in Windows or in Linux, otherwise, write to the code custodians.

    Also, one can download the executable version, at least for Windows and follow instructions in its use.

    One must how recompile if one changes the source code, in which case it is no longer FRAPCON, and one should rename it or use a variation of FRAPCON, and similarly for FRAPTRAN. FRAPCON is used to initialize FRAPTRAN (transient code).
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