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Courses Full degree or just coursework?

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    So I am currently working towards a BS in physics, but also am considering math at this point since I've taken far more than I needed for my math minor. But before I take the final classes (the one's I've been putting off because I'm not looking forward) I thought I'd ask: does it make any difference in applying to graduate schools whether I have the full math BS on paper, or will it be just as good to have several semesters of upper level math coursework on my transcript? I can finish the whole degree, but if it doesn't make a difference either way...

    but I'm not sure about this. Anyone? :uhh:
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    from what I've heard, your chances of getting into a grad school of your choice are unaffected whehter you do a single major or double major. I could be wrong though
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    All proffs keep mentioning how important pure math is for theoretical physics studies in grad school. I am doing it. If you do take it, it might put you at an advantage to your grad peers, and will probably give you a broader view of what higher physics is about.
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