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Homework Help: Full Wave Rectifier

  1. May 6, 2012 #1
    Hi all


    So my question is, ...
    suppose we apply sine wave at the 2 ends, th the cycle [itex]0 \rightarrow \pi[/itex] will all the coils of secondary coil of transformer be used or just upper half of it (assuming currently upper side is getting positive polarity) ...
    I think only half should be used ...

    Any help?

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    "Used" is a bit vague, but if you mean that current will flow only in the upper half of the secondary for the indicated polarity then yes, only half of the secondary is "used" at a time. Note that while both halves of the secondary will have the same potential drop across them the diodes will permit only one of the loops currents to flow depending upon the polarity.
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    Ah! That's all I wanted to know !
    Thanks again for your help gneill !!
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