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A Fullerene confined metal particles and increasing pressure

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    I would like to ask a question regarding possible change of orbital conformation of a fullerene particle filled with metal. Is there any basis to the assumption that for if you encase a metal, such as a round nanoparticle of lead cooled to minimal thermodynamical state, just so it fits inside a fullerene, and then allow the molecule to drift towards, say, more common thermodynamic environments. As it warms the lead core and the graphene encasing shift towards a new equilibrium. Is there a theoretical basis to assume that the increased thermodynamical (and electrodynamical) pressure inside the lead-drop would lead to electron orbital confirmation changes? I would assume that the lead droplet and the graphene encasing correspond to different plasmon resonant frequencies. I wonder how co-stimulating these layers would translate to their electric field strenght. Or would the two molecules assume a common orbital conformation altogether?
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