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Fuller's Flying Saucer

  1. Jan 19, 2004 #1
    Buckminster Fuller
    designer-architect- engineer
    "Ideas and Integrities", Collier, paper back1969, original pub. '63
    Robert W. Marks,editor
    pg. 18,

    "Durning 1917 ...i started my theoretical conceptioning and development of a wingless, amphibious "jet-stilts" elevatable aircraft which would plummet aeronautically in tetra-vector guidance. This aircraft would be powered by twin combination plants, consisting of gas turbines, jets and rocket assist thrusts, universally hinge-mounted, on both starboard and port sides, abreast the maximun beam section. Each thrust would be angularly orientable throughout a spherical-tetrant sector: vertically,outwardly, forwardly, backwardly,inwardly, with the geometrical degrees of freedom ..... a paper.... and model-making design....in 1927.....impossible to consider full scale....because of then-prevailing metallurigal heat limits...."; 'gas turbines...clutchble with breast wheels....ground or water taxiing, or..takeoff and alignment skittering.'---you get the idea?

    He published the concept privately (200 copies) in 1928, and publicly in "Shelter" magazine in November,1932. In Dec. showed models of the jet-stilt "4D transport" in Grand central Building windows of the Engineer's Book Shop in New York; Jan '33 demonstrated these models at the National Automobile Show in New York: in Feb.'34 built 3 full scale experimental transports.....omi-directional steerability.....

    "I hoped that these experiments would hasten man's practical realization and enjoyment of all-medium navigation by hoverable, yet swift, spot'alighting and spot-take-off transportation,thus opening up vast new ranges ....air,land,watercraft..."
    "... ground taxiing and cross-wind travel problems of such wingless "fish" would be more difficult to solve than aeronautical manuvering problems to be encountered....."

    he continues with the idea that it will be 'easier' to fly or operate in water than on land.. and chooses to 'solve' these problems first-as also "metallurgy was not quite ready"....

    he 'returns' to his "happy experiments in kindergarten about 1899 or 1900 when I made a complex tetrahedron structure of toothpicks and semi-dried peas..." and then ""synergetic" and "energetic geometry" in 1917....."My discovery of the 'Octet' truss was synergetic-..."<we're at the top of pg 21 now>> He then serves in the Navy in WW1- he discusses the 'craft' with his Commander,P.N.L. Bellinger-later a Vice-Admiral and "one of the Navy's first four aircraft pilots."

    Fuller was commander of the ship on which "Dr. Lee de Forrest established the first successful voice communication ever heard between a ship an airplane......" He was essentially a commander
    in the fleets transporting supplies to Europe and "designed-invented" a "rescue mast and boom" used to save crashed pilots, which won him an appointment to the Nava Academy in '17 (he had been a student at Harvard).

    He grew up on a small island of Maine and daily made a 4 mile round trip alone in a rowboat to the mainland-and invented a "mechanical "jellyfish" -a cone on a pole....which he used instead of oars,allowing him to face forward and worked "far more swiftly and easily than by sculling or rowing." He used driftwood to carve scaled designes of houses,boats, etc.....

    His Dymaxion 4-D Automobile was featured at the 1934 World's Fair in Chicago-he drove the car around New York as his personal transportation...anyone here remember that ? or even Geodesic Domes?....

    "Bucky" is quite a character-'friend' of J.P. Morgan and Al Capone-imagine-and don't forget that admiral!......-and who are 'they' who received one of those "200" privately published 'concepts'? How far did this 'fly'?

    about 1890 on, some amazying minds suddenly appeared on the 'scene'-Edison, Tesla, Wright Brothers (their propellor is the 'secret' sauce of the mix), Einstein, etc.etc.,...and what about those 'unknow boys'?......

    and the "Great Airship" mystery? never been sloved or resolved in my mind

    I have this 'theory' that a certain 'religious group' out west are 'aliens'.....but not from outer space!........there's plenty to think about here-in just this consideration of a few pages and wonder if 'air-craft' that are surmised to be from 'other worlds' might not have originated right here at home......agh, call me a FFFForteian if you like -doesn't prove ET hasn't been hangin' around...... either, "or" also.. (russ, hope you made it this far!-can i get an Amen!)....

    to my knowledge "Bucky" never mentioned UFO's-and no writer in the subject that i am aware of has mentioned any direct reference from him to this 'matter', which i find absolutely astonishing! (yet if there is an interview or whatnot in this regard i would not be surprised-and would greatly appreciate the source being mentioned here)
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