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Fun Myth

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    obviously it wasnt told as a myth to me. But has anyone heard this?

    It's biology and physics mixed.

    Basically I'll paraphrase to my version messing up points that probably are meant to happen.

    There is a woman she becomes preggo. She's goes to get ultrasound when its time or whatever. she's like 7-8 months preggo or whatever. But the problem is. The ultrasound machine is malfunctioning. It actually is on the exact frequency/wavelength that is the resonance frequency to the baby's skeleton. The nurse or whatever activates the ultrasound machine and it almost instantely shatters all bones in the baby. The nurse figures there is something wrong with the machine and turns it off to get a technician to look at it. But the woman goes into labour and has a premature baby with no skeleton.

    Is this even possible, am I wrong and this has happened; it's not a myth?
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    It's myth.
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