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Fun with magnets, mass and folded space matrix.

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    (from Prague , Czech Republic to you)

    You may find this experiment interesting and it is something you can easily do your self.
    I used top level of jumping platform of the swimming pool area during this experiment, for reasons that what will fall down hitting water did not suffered any damage. (please make sure there is no one in pool at time of tests).
    Basically take three type of objects one metal non magnetic like copper, other metal magnetic like iron bar and one organic for example one gallon of water in plastic. Make sure you have pair of each, therefore three pairs. For each experiment of drop test I used calibrating scale to one thousand of gram.
    Use then very strong neo magnet bars (big as your palm of your hand) which are forced with nuts and screw together, further attach to each experimental mass. In one experiment you may use plastic one gallon with water inside. Drop each experimental object down and measure time which it takes to land down. Now reverse magnets so they become as one and attach to the second identical weight mass which came from same pair. Reason you are using pair is because it may get destroyed or damage in the process.
    If identical mass of same composition / structure and shape (placed inside empty plastic bottle) it should always take same time before hitting water surface, but it does not. In fact the difference how long for object to fall down with reversed poles of neo magnet attached just does not make sense - time after time should always be same even with reversal of poles, but it is not.
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